30 Yard Rolloff

22 × 8 × 6 ft
Approx. Capacity
170 trash bags
15 truck loads
Rolloff 1

The 30-yard rolloff dumpster is suitable for a variety of large scale projects. If you have heavy debris or even a large amount of general trash, this rolloff is the way to go!

Our 30-yard dumpster rental is a popular choice for:

  • Large Remodeling Projects
  • Decluttering Before A Move
  • Large Outdoor Jobs

When it comes to placement for rolloffs, be sure to think ahead. These types of dumpsters need plenty of space around them to be loaded into. Since these dumpster are larger, there needs to be enough room for the dumpster to be loaded up onto our service vehicles and safely removed from the job site.

Important Things To Know:

  • Rolloff dumpsters can NOT be placed into a corral. They are too large to be safely placed or removed from one.
  • When renting a dumpster, one thing to remember is never overload the container. This will lead to more fees since it is harder for our employees to dump and remove waste from the dumpster.

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