About Us

Who is Riverside Disposal? We are a family owned and operated waste removal and recycling company that prides itself on being local, being green, and providing the very best service to our customers. These are more than just words. The success of this company is our passion, working long days and sometimes even weekends, to provide what we consider gold star service.

Why is being local important? Local businesses support the local economy. Execs from conglomerates don't spend their money in downtown Gardiner, downtown Hallowell, or downtown Augusta. But I do. You do.

Why is being green important? The future of this planet depends on it. We must find sustainable and realistic solutions for our waste. Our children's children depend on it. Riverside prides itself as serving as an integral part of this solution and to never settle for the status quo.

Finally, why is our service important? This is the essence of our business. Our primary goal is to serve the residential and commercial customer to the very best of our ability.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you customers of Riverside Disposal