All Staff


Melinda Cameron Turner started Riverside Disposal in 1985. Having been in the industry nearly all her life, she undertands the importance of customer satisfaction and it shows.

Chief Operating Officer

How can you miss Scott? Often compared to a salty sailor, he is the man in charge of the equipment and distribution of work. He also can be seen in a roll-off truck on busy days.

Business Development/Recycling Truck Operator

Jeremy is the go-to guy for recycling.  He learned early on that recycling would someday rule the industry as we know it.  He works with town officials and volunteers to keep recycling programs exp

Roll-off Driver

The cowboy! What doesn't Gordon do? Gordon has more driving experience than any other driver. He has basically driven everything on wheels. Gordon is Riverside Disposal.

Human Resources Coordinator

Sue is our human resources department. She serves as a constructive ear for our employees. But look out if she calls you into her office.

Sanitation Driver

Joe is one of our full time drivers. He's got a really cool mustache. You'll see his face in Chelsea, Randolph, Litchfield, and Augusta.

Sanitation Driver

Scott is one of our regular drivers. He drives both the commercial recycling truck and a packer truck. He formally worked for the City of Augusta as an equipment operator.


Scott is our foreman. He opens the doors before the sun comes up and is often the last to leave. Most days he has to dispatch from the road. Ah the life of a foreman.

Sanitation Driver

Robert, most just call him Dube, is one of our newer drivers. He can be seen on both the residential runs as well as commercial runs. He also knows tons about weightlifting.

Sanitation Driver

Brian is one of our newer drivers. He mainly does commercial work at Riverside. If you see him dumping you dumpster, be sure and wave.