Compost Made Easy!

Posted on April 27, 2022

Here at Riverside Disposal, we do our best everyday to make sure we are on the right side of protecting the environment around us. We do this by investing in our waste removal and recycling services. Sometimes, it also means sharing important information with our customers! 

If you compost, you understand how frustrating the dripping bags can be; how foul the buckets of old food can become. I want to introduce you to the new countertop composter: Lomi. You simply put your food scraps and coffee grounds into Lomi, push the button, and it gets to work! Compost can be some of the best fertilizer for your garden and this groundbreaking composter turns your waste into soil for your indoor or outdoor plants! It is a great and innovative way to create a positive impact on the environment around you! AND...It's odor neutralized! This also gets rid of your need for plastic bags to store food waste in. 

Click this link to find out more about Lomi: