Your Trash, Their Treasure: The Importance of Proper Disposal Written By: Jon Turner/ Click For Story

Dumpster Diving is a term used to best describe people who search through dumpsters, trash bins and recycling containers for items that might be salvageable. But, to others, it can also be a gateway to your personal life.
Over the past 20 years, the amount of identity theft in this country has blown through the proverbial roof. Scammers and thieves have taken advantage of the internet for personal gain and easy money by hacking people’s accounts and finding out any information they can to exploit and misuse personal data. Although this is the main way for identity theft, it surely isn’t the only way; your trash can be “hacked” as well.
With the amount of content and information that a business (or even just a normal resident) throws out in a month, Dumpster Divers may not turn a blind eye to the sticky note with your password written on it, or that second copy of financial information you printed out accidentally. Even information that seems harmless like a phone list, calendar, or a chart can provide helpful information to an attacker that uses social engineering tactics to get information. These types of logistics will get you to give up certain data: Maybe the attacker figures out you have an overdue electric bill and decides to call you posing as the collection company threatening to shut off power. This might cause panic; now you find yourself giving information to someone you think is legitimate. All types of information can be used in a manor such as this. That is why it is important to dispose of this information properly.
With tax season upon us, this is just a friendly reminder, from us here at Riverside, to always dispose of your information responsibly. Be sure to shred any sensitive documents before putting them into the recycling bin. If you own a company, make sure your staff is educated about these types of attacks and how to deal with and dispose of sensitive information. You can always set up service with us for a personal recycling tote for your office as well! That way you know that your information is being disposed of properly. All in all, we care about our customers and want you to be safe from attackers and hackers that may find your trash to be their treasure!