Frequently Asked Questions

1) Styrofoam has the chasing arrows and #6 on it. Is it recyclable? Unfortunately, there is no system in place on the East Coast to deal with Styrofoam. Out West, recycling companies have found outlets for styrofoam, but no such infrastructure exists locally. However, packing companies will take back packing peanuts on locally and reuse them. Call today for more information.

2) Is it true that Riverside offers more categories of recycling than our own local landfill? Yes, we operate our recycling program and have our own outlets for recycling. This gives us the freedom to increase what we accept for recycling.

3) My rubbish hauler only offers one option for trash removal. Are there alternatives? Yes we offer what we like to call an "a la carte" program where the customer chooses the level of service that he or she desires, and is charged accordingly. In almost all cases, the customer either saves money or gets additional services over what other haulers offer.