Riverside Disposal’s most prized asset is its residential customers.  The foundation on which we exist is our loyal customers of neighboring communities.  Because of these customers, Riverside aims high to keep and earn their trust by serving them to the best of our ability.  The best of our ability includes offering the latest in curbside service. 

Riverside offers an “a la carte” of options for our customers to choose from.  This system customizes the service to each of our customers.  Customizing the service means that we can save customers money or provide additional services, so that the he or she can pay for exactly what they need.  The options include things like curbside composting, paying by the bag, dual stream recycling, dumpster rental and more. 

In Central Maine, Riverside Disposal is a leader in recycling.  We offer a full spectrum of recycling including tin, glass, plastics #1-#7, newspaper, mixed paper, office paper, cardboard, and universal waste.  As far as we know, we are the only curbside composting operation in the State of Maine. 

If you’re a customer already, you know that Riverside prides itself on gold star service and offering the most in recycling and waste reduction.  If you’re not a customer, please consider joining your neighborhood hauler.  Call 623-2577 and we’ll do the rest.