Recycling can be beneficial to your finances and it can help save the planet at the same time. Many people believe that recycling is not cost effective, but the truth is that you can recycle daily and save money at the same time. This type of recycling is more than taking in scrap metals and receiving monetary value in return. The recycling you can do everyday in your home is simple little changes to your lifestyle. Something that everyone can do and it creates an impact on the environment.

WM looks to make unprofitable recycling customers profitable

In Waste Management Inc. parlance, it's called a business improvement plan and it involves taking a hard look at the profitability of each trash collection customer.

Customers that weren't meeting profit expectations were given price increases or they were allowed to walk away.

Now with the decrease in recycling commodity prices during the past year, as well as an increase in contamination within the different material streams, Waste Management is looking to do the same thing on the recycling side of the business.

Landfill mining could be future of recycling

The Scottish Government has commissioned a feasibility study from Zero Waste Scotland, which is due to report this spring.

The magazine Materials Recycling World says Scotland is thought to be the first UK authority to ­consider “landfill mining” to extract valuable materials such as plastic and metal.

Other items could be used to heat homes by fuelling incinerators producing energy from waste.

And mining could extract precious “rare earth” materials used in electronics such as mobile phones.

He sees your one bag ... and raises you three years

Last week, I wrote about John Newson, a guy in England who recycled and reused like crazy and ended up throwing away one – and only one -- bag of trash during 2012. (And it was a regular-sized bag, too, not this.)

Astounding, admirable and unbeatable … or so I thought.

Leave it to Waste & Recycling News' readers to find someone even more efficient.

A day after the blog post, I got an email from Shawn Williamson, a partner with Baleen Group in Canada.

Roll Off Container Specifications

Dumpster roll off roll-off

Understanding the specifications for a roll off container can provide for an efficient disposal of construction debris. A roll off container is a solid waste disposal box that is delivered to a home or business with a specialized truck. A roll off can be used to remove a large volume of debris, but it is important to review the size, weight, site and content specifications to avoid delays and surcharges.

Study: Single-stream is more wasteful, expensive

Sorted recycling systems win out over single-stream recycling in a head-to-head competition when the municipal playing fields are even, according to a research report that tracked outcomes in United Kingdom markets over a four-year period.

Trash-to-fuel plan has warm, wary reception

AUGUSTA -- A proposal to turn trash into diesel fuel at Hatch Hill landfill got a warm, if wary, reception from city councilors Thursday.

City officials are in discussions with a new firm that proposes to build a $20 million plant at Hatch Hill to convert trash into diesel fuel using technology developed by a Texas-based waste-to-energy company.

Waste-to-energy plan mulled

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AUGUSTA -- That bag of trash you leave curbside or take to the Hatch Hill landfill today could end up powering your diesel pickup truck in the future.

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Birds swirl around the compactor at Hatch Hill landfill on Tuesday afternoon in Augusta. City officials are in discussions about a trash to diesel facility at the site

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SNAPSHOT: 'See you soon'

An excavator tears down the old Burger King restaurant Tuesday afternoon on Western Avenue, between Airport Road and Armory Street in Augusta. The sign in front reads “See You Soon.” A new Burger King is planned to open in a few months at the site. “It will have a new image. Burger King has a new look,” Paul Lenowicz, construction manager for Carrols Corp., owner of the Augusta Burger King, said at July planning board meeting. “It will be a little smaller, more energy-efficient and more geared to the drive-through.”

Chelsea considers recycling revamp

CHELSEA -- Residents may join a regional effort to increase recycling and extend the life of the Hatch Hill landfill.

The regional landfill operated by the city of Augusta is estimated to have only 15 years of capacity remaining.

"We're looking long-term at trash buried at Hatch Hill," said Bill Najpauer of Renaissance Planning Associates. "Landfill expansion is getting much more expensive. (Hatch Hill) could become a transfer station.

"The cost will go up for either of those two scenarios," he said. "So the less garbage we produce will help keep costs down."