Christmas Tree Pick-Up Click Here

Riverside Disposal will hold their annual Christmas Tree Pick up on Friday, January 17th, 2020. This Christmas Tree Pick Up is a special route created by the customers who notify us that they'd like to participate by calling our office (207) 623-2577.

Holiday Schedule: Click To See

TOWN OF VIENNA: The week of Christmas, Recycling will be picked up on Thursday December 26th. The week of New Years, Trash will be picked up on January 2nd.

TOWN OF WOOLWICH: The week of Christmas, all trash will be done on Monday December 23rd. The week of New Years, all trash AND recycling will be done on Monday December 30th.

FOR ANY OTHER CUSTOMERS: Please check your email or call the office to find out your holiday schedule! Thank you, and have a Happy Holiday from us here at Riverside Disposal!

Riverside Demolition

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Riverside Disposal offers full demolition services. We specialize in garages, mobile homes, old houses and so on. Please give us a call (207) 623-2577 for your free quote today!

Thank You For Supporting Local

We would like to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout more than 30 years! We will work hard every day to continue to provide the best waste removal services that Maine has to offer!

Living Simply in a Dumpster

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Professor Wilson went to the dumpster not just because he wished to live deliberately, and not just to teach his students about the environmental impacts of day-to-day life, and not just to gradually transform the dumpster into “the most thoughtfully-designed, tiniest home ever constructed.” Wilson’s reasons are a tapestry of these things. Until this summer, the green dumpster was even less descript than it is now. There was no sliding roof; Wilson kept the rain out with a tarp. He slept on cardboard mats on the floor.

Dumpster Pools Hit the Streets of Manhattan This Summer!

If you’re one of the lucky few who got to make a splash in last summer’s ‘Dumpster Pools’ in Brooklyn, or if you were in the bunch that had to swelter in the heat for lack of an invite, here’s some great news that is sure to cool you down. The Bloomberg administration will open three Dumpster Pools for the first three Sundays of August on the east side of Park Avenue between the closed off streets 40th and 41st.

Trash-to-liquid could be in Augusta first

City and state officials are in early discussions with a company that wants to build what it says would be the first plant in the United States to use a gasification process to turn municipal solid waste into liquid fuel, most likely bio-diesel. Eastern Green Energy LLC proposes to build a $20 million trash-to-liquid fuel plant.

Recycling in America In the bin

It is also hard to increase the quantity of recycled goods without compromising quality. Many cities now give residents bigger bins and demand less sorting, but the often-contaminated results are a costly headache for recycling companies. “We get soiled diapers and dead animals on the line,” complains James Devlin of ReCommunity, which operates 35 recycling facilities in 13 states. One recycling bin ended up holding a six-foot shark.

Seeking Recyclable Materials From a Mixed Wastestream

n Part 1 of this series, author Daniel P. Duffy explained the characteristics of municipal solid waste and the potential of extracting recyclable materials from a mixed wastestream. As Duffy wrote in the previous segment:

With 'Single-Stream' Recycling, Convenience Comes At A Cost

Single stream

In many municipalities around the country, the days of sorting your recyclables for curbside pickup are long gone, replaced by a system called "single stream" recycling. But what happens after all those bits of plastic, paper, glass and metal get put in the bin?

Because it's often collected by the same workers who pick up the garbage, it's easy to wonder if the recyclables make their way to the dump, too. But single-stream recycling ends up at a place called a materials recovery facility.