He sees your one bag ... and raises you three years

Last week, I wrote about John Newson, a guy in England who recycled and reused like crazy and ended up throwing away one – and only one -- bag of trash during 2012. (And it was a regular-sized bag, too, not this.)

Astounding, admirable and unbeatable … or so I thought.

Leave it to Waste & Recycling News' readers to find someone even more efficient.

A day after the blog post, I got an email from Shawn Williamson, a partner with Baleen Group in Canada.

"Our last bag of garbage to the curb happened August 2011," he wrote, "and we do not foresee putting out another one till 2014 (or later)."

One bag of trash … every three years.

John Campanelli
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Waste and Recycling News