A big part of going green is recycling. Do you know why recycling is important? Recycling is important for all kinds of reasons. It helps keep our trash from being buried, which fills up limited landfill space. It helps businesses lower the cost of production, saving you and I money. Recycling also produces jobs all over the U.S.

What does it mean to recycle? Recycling means that instead of throwing away our containers and paper products, we send them back into the world to become new products once again. Businesses that produce goods require resources in the production process. These resources can come from one of two places: 1) mining raw materials or 2) recycling previously used resources.

One way is to come from mining the resources from the Earth. There are two problems with getting resources this way. One problem is that is it’s expensive. Heavy equipment, abundant labor, and energy are used in the mining of raw materials and this can add to the cost of production for a business. The other problem is that our planet has limited resources. Mining these resources is okay, but resources need time to replenish. To avoid over-mining, or over harvesting, we can recycle.

Recycling is the other way that businesses get resources. Businesses can use products that have already been produced to extract what they need. This is less costly and more environmentally friendly.

This is where you come in!!!!!

We collect a large part of Central Maine's recycling, both commercial and residential. The businesses in this region use either our tote program or dumpsters for their recycling. Both are serviced weekly or bi weekly. Our residential customers in central Maine enjoy our curbside program.