Going Green

What does it mean to "go green?" Everyone's saying it. Businesses plaster it all over their products. Municipalities are preaching it. So what does it all mean? It used to be a term used only by proactive environmentalists. Those days are gone. With certain realities such as possible climate change, high energy costs, and limited landfill space, "going green" affects us all.

In the home of course, there are many things that one can do to become green. Recycling and composting are just one of many and we can help with these. Riverside is here to help you do your part. We make recycling easy and cost effective. At the curb, we offer more options than any other waste hauler in terms of recycling and composting. We make special pick-ups for bulky items that can be recycled. We handle universal waste and special waste in the proper manner.

Basically, Riverside is here to help you do your part while we do our part to make the planet safer for our generation and those to come.