Recycling Options

Riverside offers recycling options for your business or home. Remember that while recycling saves on landfill space and harvesting virgin materials, it can also save you money. We recycle everything from your household newspapers, to your business’s cardboard and computer paper, to your old mountain bikes.
If your business finds itself throwing out an abundance of paper or cardboard, recycling is a viable alternative. For paper recycling, Riverside has a tote program. We'll deliver as many totes as your business requires, and pick up those totes on a weekly basis. If you are our rubbish customer already, chances are the paper recycling program will be done at no charge.
For cardboard recycling, we can do a small hand pickup on our recycling run. However, in most cases our customers find that a cardboard dumpster works well for storage reasons. The fee for a cardboard dumpster is minimal compared to waste.
Remember that recycling is easy and good for environment, so call today.