Riverside Disposal started in 1986 as a simple one-truck residential operation with a determined owner, Melinda Cameron Turner. Melinda knew the business well as she worked for the largest commercial hauler in the area, Mid-Maine Services, since its incorporation in 1976. She also worked closely with another residential trash company, Camco Services. Camco in fact was one of the first residential recyclers in Central Maine.

Riverside Disposal operated for many years as a one-truck operation while Melinda simultaneously directed the commercial end of the industry with Mid-Maine Services, gaining knowledge and building relationships. At some point, Casella Waste bought out that company formally known as Mid-Maine Services. Differences of opinions and work ethic led to Melinda’s leaving the company and expanding the services of Riverside Disposal.

Given her strong relationships with her customers, Melinda was able to quickly grow Riverside Disposal. Riverside Disposal became synonymous with good service and reliability. Offering the services of the larger companies including roll-offs and multiple dumpster sizes, Riverside kept its gold star performance but with a local feel. Then the industry began to change its focus towards recycling. Melinda saw this as an opportunity to offer yet another service to its customers while doing good for the environment.Rental of dumpsters along with Roll off rental are also a major part of recycling

Today Riverside has grown to be one of the largest companies in Central Maine because of its commitment to its customers and its surroundings. It will continue to provide gold star service while maintaining its local appeal. Most importantly, Riverside will do what is best for its customers and the great state of Maine.